About Us

Knit Like a Champion

Knit’s Fabulous! is New Jersey’s premiere luxury yarn retail store. We have hand picked specialty yarns for you from around the world!

Our team members - all knitters - are passionate about helping you learn to knit, advance your skills or even choose the best patterns and yarns for your next knitting project.

We founded and developed Knit’s Fabulous! to provide knitters, beginners to instructors alike, a Fabulous knitting experience. Browse, shop, knit or join us for any one of our knitting classes.

Simply put...we love yarn!

We are on a continuous quest for new knitting and crochet yarns to share with you!

Our diverse range of beautifully crafted yarns have been specially selected from favorite brands including Rowan, Lorna's Laces, Sirdar, Sublime, Lang, Juniper Moon Farm, Berroco, Tahki Stacy Charles, Rhichard DeVrieze, Three Irish Girls and Baah.  We are committed to journey around the globe to bring you new yarns such as Bergere de France, Borgode de'Pazzi, Feza, Filatura Di Crosa, Lana Grossa and Hand Maiden.

We we are excited to say that we have more yarns coming!

Our Yarn Artisans...




Favorite Stitch: I love cables for the twist and endless variety!

I am inspired by Animals, flowers, cultures – again for the variety of each one.

I laugh most when I view animal videos. They sure can put a smile on your face.

Purls of Wisdom: Embrace your mistakes, learn from them and don’t take them so seriously. Just breath, rip and smile as you fix and continue your project.

What's your age in knitting years: I'm 46! 

And Crochet? I'm 46!




Favorite Stitch: I love the look when the bobble stitch is done.

I am inspired by new patterns that are challenging - just to see if I can make them.

I laugh most when I’m tickled.

Purls of Wisdom: Housework is for those who don’t knit. I knit so that I won't become unraveled.

What's your age in knitting years: I'm 63!




Favorite Stitch: I like the cable and lace in combination; not boring and amazingly beautiful results.

I am inspired by patterns, Ravelry and Patternfish.

I laugh most when my husband speaks – everything he says are pearls and he keeps me in stitches. He says he always sees me knitting but never sees me finish anything because I love to start new projects.

Purls of Wisdom: Always be knitting. Pass the craft on to anyone interested and be patient with them.





Favorite Stitch: I like the seed stitch for the ease of it – and use Vintage Chunky yarns.

I am inspired by my fellow Yarn Artisans

I laugh most when I cannot find an answer to a particular problem

Purls of Wisdom: If at first you don't succeed, rip and start over.

What's your age in knitting years: I'm 10!




Favorite Stitch: I love to work with all different patterns

I am inspired by all of the yarn we have! You just don’t know what to knit first.

I laugh most when we sit around the table knitting and everyone tells their stories about knitting

Purls of Wisdom: Knit to relax. Relax when you knit.

What's your age in knitting years: I'm 70! 

And Crochet? I'm 60!


Artisan Interns

Our Interns...AKA Yarnies!

.....or should we say our Super Heroes!  

Our six interns, Ashley, Bree, Charles, Johnny, Gianna and Sydney quickly earned their super hero status by charging hard to develop stellar inventory and product information to render a fabulous shopping experience for our online and in-store customers.  

They researched, troubleshooted, found solutions, checked and double checked data - and brought a welcome frivolity of yarn humor to the store!

In addition, Ashley, an art student, is credited with shooting some of the more artistic photos for

Our interns will continue to work virtually from college to help us move forward to continuously enhance the shopping experience for you.

Pictured from left to right, Bree, Gianna and Ashley. Not pictured, Sydney, Charles and Johnny 


Knit's Fabulous Mascots

Esmeralda (aka Big Sister) and Appolonia (aka Little Sister)

Meet our store mascots….they are fun loving and oh so cuddly and playful. They frequently don matching outfits while visiting Knit’s Fabulous!