Knit's Fabulous! - Our Grand Opening of Hope

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On this morning of our grand opening, I must pause to reflect on what has been born to flourish at this new LYS-- "local yarn store."  Although, I feel times are "a changing", and the term should aptly be GYS--"global yarn store."


What started out by myself with the most purest of intentions, has grown to give so many people, both owner, management, staff, web designers, marketing team, interns, loyal customers, and "newbie knitters"--cause to hope for what can be!


This hope and positive spirit enables us ALL to explore our own potential creativities within--whether it be to knit, crochet, or to achieve a personal or professional goal!  


With a little bit of encouragement from others, and self determination, we all can accomplish most anything!  


Knitting and crocheting are skills to be shared--and so much more. It's easy to buy someone a gift, and always appreciated.  MAKE someone a gift--there's nothing quite like the expression on a loved one's face when that happens.


Encourage younger generations to learn the creative skill of knitting as well as the many other creative skills and see what possibilities abound.


Knit’s Fabulous is a new alternative to local coffee shops and book stores where people of all ages can gather, take a little break from technology, share stories, stretch their mindset and help each other.  


Don't feel like knitting?  Just come in and watch the new knitters and artists spin their magic.  It might give you the creative burst to create something totally unrelated to yarn.  You’re always welcome.  We have room for everyone!


Our team’s collective goal and mission statement:

"This global knitting store will be an inspiring, informative, educational, communal and fun meeting arena where creative minds can gather to share their love of yarn, inject love into handmade projects and gifts, and help each other make our lives and those around us a little brighter."

Knit well. Live well.

It's that simple.

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