The Wonder of Yarn

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The Wonder of Yarn

It’s a total excitement of our senses – to see, touch and work with so many colors, fibres and textures.

And it’s the wonderment of starting with a skein of yarn and creating – well almost anything you want!

Some call knitting with yarn the new yoga – cheap therapy – or just simplistic fun!

Make a mistake? No worry, just rip and start over. Need help? You are always amongst friends in a yarn store. Everyone is happy to help from the store team to fellow customers.

What are your favorite yarns? Wools? Blends? Cottons? Silks? Recycled? Organic? Hand Dyed?

What are your favorite colors? With so many options, it can be hard to choose between brilliant arrays of vibrant blends.

Pick your yarn at any price, $5, $10 or more and in several hours you can create a scarf, hat or cowl that would cost about four times more in a store!

At Knit’s Fabulous yarn shop we want to inspire people of all ages! We offer a broad range of knitting and crochet classes and with expansive seating, we welcome everyone to visit and knit with us at any time.

We are excited to see the most experienced knitters sit by side sharing their love of knitting with new generations of knitters starting from 12 year olds to young adults and professionals who themselves have discovered a love of yarn.

We have hand picked thousands of skeins of yarn across an ever-growing number of 30 brands from around the world - and we are happy to say there are many more to come!

So with this first blog post as we launch, we invite the world to stop by!

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  • Thousands of skeins of yarn…heaven! Oh how I wish I lived close my stash would grow bigger each week and Christine would be giving me lessons every day. But I can purchase by mail! Looks like you have a wonderful yarn shop.

    Joyce Basch on

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