Indie Dyer and New Knit's Fabulous! Artisan: Lillian Periut

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Lillian Periut - Indie Dyer - Knit's FabulousLillian Periut is the founder and passionate hand-dyer behind HubCity Fibers. A native New Jerseyan, she lives in New Brunswick (AKA HubCity) with her cat Freud. 

She discovered knitting at the age of 9, while visiting the public library in her home town in Little Ferry, NJ- where the librarians and town residents had a weekly knitting club. But it wouldn't be until college that Lillian started to delve into the other crafts related to fiber like: spinning and dyeing yarn.

HubCity Fibers Yarn

In 2015, Lillian became obsessed with any fiber related subject that she decided to open up an Etsy store to support her growing fiber addiction! She hasn't stopped knitting, dyeing, and spinning since.

Hub City Fibers Yarn

HubCity Fibers is a small, independent yarn company based in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Lillian’s  color ways are inspired by her everyday life, music, love for famous paintings, and travels. And sometimes they’re just spontaneous happy accidents.

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  • Lillian,

    I want to wish you the very best of luck ! I know it won’t be easy however, your passage will soon arrive!

    My best…

    Nicholas Acciardo on
  • Congratulations Lilly! Hard work, effort, dreaming, and determination pay off.

    Richard Periut on

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